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Vol.20  No.5  2012

Adsorption of Phosphorus Release from Surface Sediment of Reservoir Using Alum Sludge 
서정인 Jung In Suh
KAYW 20(5) 3-12, 2012   
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Adsorption of Malachite Green by Granular Activated Carbon 
이종집 Jong Jib Lee , 엄명헌 Myeong Heon Um
KAYW 20(5) 13-23, 2012   
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Treatment Characteristics of Wastewater Treatment using Up-flow Biofilter Process 
최원석 Weon Seok Choi , 윤형석 Hyung Seok Yun , 조용현 Yong Hyun Cho , 한상윤 Sang Yun Han
KAYW 20(5) 25-31, 2012   
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The Effect of Temperature on the Precipitation Reaction of Copper Ion in Aquatic System 
원유라 Yu Ra Won , 김동수 Dong Su Kim
KAYW 20(5) 33-42, 2012   
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Removal of Silica in Semiconductor Wastewater using Magnetite 
강한솔 Han Sol Kang , 강정규 Jung Kyu Kang , 강민구 Min Koo Kang , 류홍덕 Hoo Duck Ryu , 이상일 Sang Ill Lee
KAYW 20(5) 43-49, 2012   
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Control of Effluent T-N through Influence Nitrogen Concentration Prediction Based on Temperature and Water Quantity in the winter 
김지연 Ji Yeon Kim , 김병군 Byung Goon Kim , 김연권 Youn Kwon Kim , 김홍석 Hong Sock Kim
KAYW 20(5) 51-60, 2012   
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Comparison of Adsorption Capacity of Total Phosphorus to Dewatered Sludge of Water Purification Plants 
서정인 Jung In Suh
KAYW 20(5) 61-69, 2012   
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Evaluation on the Smart Air-quantity Control System in Full-scale A20 Process by Real-time Influent Analysis and Simulation Technologies 
김연권 Youn Kwon Kim , 김병권 Byung Goon Kim , 김홍석 Hong Suck Kim , 김지연 Ji Yeon Kim
KAYW 20(5) 71-80, 2012   
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Optimization of Coagulation Conditions for the Drinking Water Treatment Using a Response Surface Method (RSM) 
이영주 Young Joo Lee , 임재림 Jae Lim Lim , 이경혁 Kyoung Hyuk Lee , 허태영 Tae Young Heo
KAYW 20(5) 81-89, 2012   
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