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Vol.5  No.4  1997

Articles / Comparison of Advanced Step Aeration(ASA) and Activated Sludge Processes on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal 
강용태Yong Tae Kang,현길수Kil Soo Hyun,한동우Dong Woo Han
KAYW 5(4) 3-11, 1997   
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Articles / Modified Soil Trench Process for Small-Scale Sewage Treatment 
임재명Jae Myoung Rim,김병욱Byeoung Ug kim,강성환Sung Hwan Kang
KAYW 5(4) 13-17, 1997   
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Articles / Comparison of Breakthrough Characteristics in Tapered and Cylindrical Adsorbers 
이승목Seung Mok Lee,김원기Won Gee Kim
KAYW 5(4) 19-25, 1997   
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Articles / A study on the treatment of Cr containing wastewater by using aerobic biofilm 
장성호Seong Ho Jang,박진식Jin Sick Park
KAYW 5(4) 27-32, 1997   
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Articles / The Study for Reduction of THMs Formation 
이태관Tae Gwan Lee
KAYW 5(4) 33-41, 1997   
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Articles / Modelling for Optimum Design and Operation of Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes 
현길수Kil Soo Hyun,강용태Yong Tae Kang
KAYW 5(4) 43-55, 1997   
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Articles / Phsycal Properties of Metal Oxides Impregnatod GAC and Adsorption of Atrazine on Metal Oxide/GAC 
김철규Cheol Gyu Kim
KAYW 5(4) 57-66, 1997   
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Articles / Enhancement of Existing Activated Sludge Process by Ultrafiltration for Oily Wastewater Treatment 
이택순Taek Soon Lee,서규태Gyu Tae Seo,문병헌Byung Hyun Moon,최광수Kwang Soo Choi
KAYW 5(4) 67-73, 1997   
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Articles / The variation of turbidity removal efficiency by weir loading in the sedimentation basin 
최계운Gye Woon Choi,김기훈Gi Hun Kim,배열호Yeol Ho Bae,임부상Boo Sang Lim,김정현Jeong Hyun Kim
KAYW 5(4) 75-87, 1997   
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Abstracsts of Foreign Reference / Use of ORP for Monitoring and Control of Aerobic Sludge Digestion 
Craig C . Peddie,Donald S . Mavinic,Christopher J . Jenkins
KAYW 5(4) 89-92, 1997   
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