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Vol.7  No.1  1999

Articles / The removal of dissolved rganic carbon and ammonia with the BAC processes by wood base and coal base activated carbon 
강용태Yong Tae Kang,박경덕Kyung Duk Park,양희천Hee Cheon Yang,김덕진Duk Jin Kim
KAYW 7(1) 3-9, 1999   
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Articles / Evaluation of Hydraulic Characteristics in the Sedimentation Basin of Water Treatment Plants by the Tracer Test 
윤제용Je Yong Yoon,변석종Seok Jong Byun,이상덕Sang Deok Lee,김정현Jeong Hyun Kim,권순범Soon Buhm Kwon
KAYW 7(1) 11-22, 1999   
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Articles / A Study on the Usage of Dewatered Water Treatment Sludge by Vacuum Pressure 1 ( Dewatering Technique ) 
정연인Youn In Chung,이태관Tae Gwan Lee
KAYW 7(1) 23-31, 1999   
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Articles / A study on a Domestic Wastewater Treatment by Rotating Biological Contactors 
김상용Sang Yong Kim,정인주In Ju Jeong,이영희Yeong Hee Lee
KAYW 7(1) 33-43, 1999   
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Articles / The Characteristics of Streamwater Quality Discharged from the Forest Baain 
오종민Jong Min Oh,신동엽Dong Yub Shin
KAYW 7(1) 45-53, 1999   
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Abstracsts of Foreign Reference / Photocatalytic degradation af Propoxur with Titanium dioxide coated on the Blunt Supporters 
Mirg Chun Lu
KAYW 7(1) 55-57, 1999   
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특강자료 ( Report ) / 낙동강 회생 및 맛있는 수돗물 생산을 위한 물처리 기술대책 
강용태Yong Tae Kang
KAYW 7(1) 59-62, 1999   
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