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Vol.4  No.3  1996

Articles / Water Quality Modeling and Management Measures for the Nakdong River 
강용태Yong Tae Kang,현길수Kil Soo Hyun,양희천Hee Cheon Yang
KAYW 4(3) 3-15, 1996   
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Articles / The Comparison of Treatment Efficiency of Contact Oxidation with Media 
오종민Jong Min Oh,최이송I Song Choi,이태관Tae Gwan Lee
KAYW 4(3) 17-24, 1996   
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Articles / Water Treatment of Aquaeulture by Using Two Phase Fluidized Bed Reactor 
김정숙Jeong Sook Kim,홍기택Ki Taek Hong,이병헌Byung Hun Lee
KAYW 4(3) 25-33, 1996   
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Articles / The Actural Conditions of Residual Aluminium in Drinking Water and its Countermeasure 
이태관Tae Gwan Lee,김수봉Soo Bong Kim,오종민Jong Min Oh
KAYW 4(3) 35-44, 1996   
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Articles / Improvement of Existing Wastewater Treatment System for an Advanced Wastewater Treatment 
강용태Yong Tae Kang,김태형Tae Hyung Kim
KAYW 4(3) 45-54, 1996   
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Abstracsts of Foreign Reference / The Effects of Sludge Recycle Ratio on Nitrification - Denitrification Performance in Biological Treatment of Leachate 
Elefsiniotis,R . Manoharan,D . S . Mavinic
KAYW 4(3) 55-59, 1996   
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기술정보 / 생물을 이용한 수질감시장치 
KAYW 4(3) 61-62, 1996   
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