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Vol.8  No.2  2000

Assessment of Bioiogical Nutrient Removal Capacity by Advanced Step Aeration system treating Domestic Wastewater 
강용태Yong Tae Kang,김태기Tae Gi Kim,한동우Dong Woo Han,김화석Hwa Suk Kim
KAYW 8(2) 3-10, 2000   
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The Characteristics Removal Efficiency of Contaminants throngh Biofilms in the Advanced Water Treatment System 
최계운Gye Woon Choi,이동희Dong Hee Lee
KAYW 8(2) 11-18, 2000   
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Study on High - rate Anaerobic Granular Sludge Process as Pretreatment Process with Loading Rates of Organic Wastewater 
최정우Jeong Woo Choi,현길수Kil Soo Hyun
KAYW 8(2) 19-26, 2000   
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Dewatering characteristics of water Treatmen piant sludges by organic and inorganic coagulant dose 
이용두Yong Do Lee,장성호Seong Ho Jang,김창영Chang Young Kim
KAYW 8(2) 27-34, 2000   
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Improving Flocculation Process for High Turbid Water Treatment 
김상구Sang Goo Kim,류동춘Dong Choon Ryou,최근주Keun Joo Choi,송미정Mi Jeong Song,나영신Young Shin Na,류재익Jae Ick Ryoo,신판세Pan Se Shin
KAYW 8(2) 35-44, 2000   
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Process for the Removal of Humic Substances From Water - An overview based on norwegian Experiences - 
Hallvard Odegaard
KAYW 8(2) 45-48, 2000   
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