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Vol.25  No.3  2017

Characteristics of Membrane Filtration with Solid Loading in Lake Water 
김지연 Ji-yeon Kim , 이형옥 Hyeong-ok Lee , 현길수 Kil-soo Hyun
KAYW 25(3) 3-9, 2017    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2017.25.3.3
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Measurement of the Point of Zero Charge of Particulate Matter in Aqueous Environment by Potentiometric Titration Method and the Influence of Potential-Determining Ion 
김동수 Dong-su Kim
KAYW 25(3) 11-18, 2017    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2017.25.3.11
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Study on Lime Treated Fertilizer Using Food Waste 
이병헌 Byung-hun Lee , 박범석 Beom-seok Park , 김승년 Seong-nyon Kim , 김상엽 Sang-yeob Kim
KAYW 25(3) 19-27, 2017    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2017.25.3.19
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The Variation of Flow Characteristics by the River Meander Ratio 
임유성 Yu-seong Lim , 김종익 Jong-ik Kim , 이병준 Byung Joon Lee , 최윤영 Yun-young Choi
KAYW 25(3) 29-39, 2017    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2017.25.3.29
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Treatment of Car Wash Wastewater Using Corncob 
최희정 Hee-jeong Choi
KAYW 25(3) 41-52, 2017    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2017.25.3.41
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Production and Removal of Free Residual Chlorine by Electrolysis without Adding Salt and Pulse UV 
문백수 Bag-su Moon , 김준현 Jun-hyun Kim , 황태문 Tae-mun Hwang
KAYW 25(3) 53-64, 2017    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2017.25.3.53
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Influence of Operating Modes of Membrane Bioreactor on Membrane Filtration 
이형옥 Hyeong-ok Lee , 현길수 Kil-soo Hyun
KAYW 25(3) 65-71, 2017    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2017.25.3.65
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Trend of Generation Efficiency of The Chloride Oxidizing Agent on Electrolysis of NaCl Solution Using RuO2/Ti Electrode by Change of Operation Condition 
김용철 Yong Cheol Kim , 이택순 Taek Soon Lee , 박미정 Mi Jeong Park
KAYW 25(3) 73-83, 2017    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2017.25.3.73
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The Features of the Adsorption Treatment of Zinc-ion Containing Wastewater Using Activated Carbon 
Qianzhe Sun , 안선영 Seon-young An , 김동수 Dong-su Kim
KAYW 25(3) 85-97, 2017    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2017.25.3.85
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A Study on Efficient Improvement Methods of Performance Testing in the Individual Sewage Treatment System 
조용현 Yong-hyun Cho , 김연은 Yun-eun Kim , 김희영 Hee-young Kim
KAYW 25(3) 99-108, 2017    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2017.25.3.99
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