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Vol.19  No.1  2011

Improvement of Nitrogen Removal Efficiency using the MASA System in Low Temperature 
강용태 Yong Tae Kang , 김연은 Yun Eun Kim , 손정호 Jeong Ho Sohn
KAYW 19(1) 3-10, 2011   
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Simulation of Stream flow using SWAT Auto Calibration Tool over the Saemangeum Watershed 
정재운 Jae Woon Jung , 장정렬 Jeong Ryeol Jang , 임병진 Byung Jin Lim , 이영재 Yeong Jae Lee , 김갑순 Kap Soon Kim , 강재홍 Jae Hong Kang , 박혜린 Hye Lin Park , 조소현 So Hyun Cho , 윤광식 Kwang Sik Yoon
KAYW 19(1) 11-17, 2011   
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Configuration of Bioreactor for High-rate Sludge Granulation 
현길수 Kil Soo Hyun , 이형옥 Hyeong Ok Lee
KAYW 19(1) 19-25, 2011   
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Effect of Alum Addition on the Biological Treatment Performance of Attached Growth Process 
김진식 Jin Sik Kim , 안명기 Myeong Ki An , 김금용 Keum Yong Kim , 류홍덕 Hong Duck Ryu , 이상일 Sang Ill Lee
KAYW 19(1) 27-34, 2011   
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Adsorption Kinetics of Tartrazine Dye onto Granular Activated Carbon 
이종집 Jong Jib Lee
KAYW 19(1) 35-43, 2011   
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Study for Removal of Hazardous Heavy Metals by Mercapto Functional Silica nano Mesoporous Adsorbent 
김정배 Jeung Bea Kim
KAYW 19(1) 45-54, 2011   
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Comparison of Anaerobic and Aerobic Granular Sludge Processes on Substrate Reduction 
현길수 Kil Soo Hyun , 최정우 Jeung Woo Choi
KAYW 19(1) 55-61, 2011   
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The Optimal Operating Condition Derivation of the Modified Dephanox Process of the Pilot Scale in Industrial Wastewater: With the HRT 
강민구 Min Koo Kang , 김진식 Jin Sik Kim , 김규리 Kyu Ri Kim , 안명기 Myeong Ki An , 김금용 Keum Yong Kim , 이상일 Sang Ill Lee
KAYW 19(1) 63-70, 2011   
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