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DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2021.29.1.9 ,    Vol.29, No.1, 9 ~ 18, 2021
A study on Influencing Factors and Operating Conditions on Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage from Il-kwang Mine using Porous Zeolite-Slag Ceramics Packed Column
이영남 Yeong-nam Lee , 임수빈 Soo-bin Yim
This study was performed to identify the influencing factors and operating conditions on the treatment of acid mine drainage(AMD) from the Il-kwang mine by porous Zeolite-Slag(ZS) ceramics packed in a column reactor. The hydraulic retention time(HRT) of the column reactor was a pivotal operating condition. Additionally, the mixing ratio of zeolite to slag (Z:S) significantly affected the column’s alkali supply capacity and heavy metal removal efficiency. An HRT of 1.0 day was more effective than 0.5 day HRT in terms of alkali supply capacity and heavy metal removal efficiency. The heavy metal removal efficiency of the 1:3 (Z:S) porous ZS ceramics was higher than that of the 1:1 (Z:S). The average heavy metal removal efficiencies of the 1:3 (Z:S) in a continuous column reactor (1.0 day HRT, 31 operating days) were 92.4%, 86.3%, 96.5%, 99.2%, 96.1%, 89.3%, 98.9% and 93.7%, for Al, As, Cd, Cu, Fe, Mn, Pb, and Zn, respectively. These results suggest that a porous 1:3 (Z:S) ceramic column reactor at an HRT of 1.0 day might be an effective long-term treatment strategy for AMD from the Il-kwang mine.
Key Words
Heavy metals, Hydraulic retention time, Il-kwang mine drainage, Mixing ratio, Porous Zeolite-Slag, ZS, ceramics, 중금속, 수리학적 체류시간, 일광광산배수, 배합비, 다공성 제올라이트-슬래그, ZS, 세라믹
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