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DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2019.27.4.75 ,    Vol.27, No.4, 75 ~ 84, 2019
Wastewater Sludge Management: Current State and Challenges from the Viewpoint of Nutrient Recovery
노벨발리자 Nobel Ballhysa , 김주원 Joo Won Kim , 변성준 Seong Joon Byeon
Increased urbanization and the expansion of sewerage network in South Korea has resulted in the production of substantial quantities of wastewater sludge. Sludge needs to be managed and the overall trend towards energy efficiency and recycling has led to consider sludge not as simple waste anymore but as a potential resource. One of the resources which could be potentially harvested from sludge are nutrients (essentially nitrogen and phosphorus) with the scope for them to replace portion of the traditional fertilizers used in the agricultural sector. We reviewed the current state of wastewater sludge management in South Korea which showed that the country has achieved a very high penetration rate for sewerage but only a reduced portion of generated sludge is used to produce fertilizers. We propose that some innovative technologies for nutrient extraction from wastewater sludge be tested and both technological feasibility and economic efficiency be assessed. Survey polls should be carried out among actors of the agricultural sector in order to understand their will for utilization and potential concerns. We also recommend that governmental organs and nationwide institutions develop and promote strong quality labels in parallel to awareness campaigns to increase confidence and utilization rates.
Key Words
Agriculture, Fertilizer, Nutrients recovery, Sewerage system, Wastewater sludge
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