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DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2019.27.4.67 ,    Vol.27, No.4, 67 ~ 74, 2019
Effect of Voltage on Specific Methanogenic Activity(SMA) in Anaerobic Digestion Reactor
박혜린 Hye-lin Park , 사위기 Wei-qi Shi , 홍의환 Eui-hwan Hong , 전항배 Hang-bae Jun
Bio-electrochemical anaerobic digestion (BEAD) is a promising technology for treating organic matters and producing methane. Various researches for BEAD have reported that BEAD could accelerate stabilization rate and retain operational stability via microorganisms electro-activated by bio-electrochemical reactions. However, quantitative analysis of effect of voltage on microbial activity was not yet reported. This study evaluated effect of voltage on methanogenic activity by conducting specific methanogenic activity (SMA) tests. As the results, SMA of acetoclastic methanogens was 1.4 times higher in BEAD reactor than that in anaerobic digestion(AD) reactor. Interestingly, methane production from H2/CO2 was not significantly affected by voltage supply. In conclusion, voltage supply contributed enhancement of methane production by acetoclastic methanogens that produce methane by direct electron transfer.
Key Words
Bio-electrocgemical anaerobic digestion(BEAD), k-value, Methane production, Specific methanogenic activity(SMA), Voltage
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