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DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2019.27.4.33 ,    Vol.27, No.4, 33 ~ 43, 2019
Removal of Organic Substances and E-coli in Ballast Water Using LED Photocatalytic Process with Fe-TiO2
박혜빈 Hye-bin Park , 김승년 Seung-nyon Kim , 이병헌 Byung-hun Lee
This study is to remove organic matter, ammonia nitrogen and E. coli present in ballast water through photocatalytic reaction. The photocatalytic process is a good process for few harmful by-products during treating ballast water. The LED photocatalytic process with TiO2 is chemically stable and has high active process. Fe was added to TiO2 as a transition metal for increasing optical efficiencies. The photocatalytic reactor was cylindrical with an inner diameter of 80 mm and a height of 122 mm. TiO2 with Fe made 300 g/L, and the reaction tank was coated with 3 mL TiO2 solution and 365 nm LED lamp was used. Experimental design was performed by response surface method. The photocatalytic reaction time was 10-70 minutes, irradiation density was 25-100 W/L, and Fe was added at 0.1-5.5 g/L in the production of 300 g/L of TiO2. Optimum design condition for removal of organic matters and E. coli in ballast water was 62.5 W/L of LED irradiation concentration, 2.18 g/L of Fe addition, and 55 minutes of reaction time.
Key Words
Ballast water, E. coli, LED photocatalytic reaction, Response surface method, UV254
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