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DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2016.24.4.101 ,    Vol.24, No.4, 101 ~ 110, 2016
A Study on the Pressure Distribution in Direct Coupled Vertical Type Water Treatment Plant
서인석 In-seok Seo , 김관엽 †guan-yeop Kim , 김성수 Seung-su Kim , 채선하 Seon-ha Chae , 김정현 Jeong-hyun Kim
A empirical water treatment plant of 1,000㎥/day was operated to evaluate the operation and management of a direct coupled vertical type water treatment plant(WTP), which consists of ultrafiltration(UF), ozonation, granular activated carbon(GAC), and UV oxidation. The experiments were conducted under various inlet pressure conditions of UF in the range of 0.6~3.7kgf/㎠. Also fouling conditions of UF and GAC were considered. Operating pressures were controlled by adjusting the outlet valve of UV process and pressure data of unit processes were monitored in real time. Simulation using Fathom v.8 software program was conducted. As a result, experimentally measured and simulated results has a good correlation(R²=0.973). The key operating parameter in aspect of energy was UF fouling condition. The pressure was lowest at outlet of UF and negative value by siphon phenomena was observed in low pressure differential condition of UF and GAC. In condition of process combination of UF and GAC and lowed height, as a simulation results, lowering pumping height have a advantage in energy consumption and decrease possibility of negative pressure.
Key Words
UF, Tankless water treatment system, Vertical type, Direct coupled, Negative pressure, Simulation
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