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DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2016.24.4.57 ,    Vol.24, No.4, 57 ~ 68, 2016
Development of a Soil Conditioner with Struvite Precipitate from Artificial Wastewater
김기은 Gi Eun Kim
Struvite crystallization process can be a practical solution in combination with conventional wastewater treatment for useful utilization of nitrogen and phosphorus. In this study an artificial wastewater has been used as a basic research material to remove ammonia nitrogen and phosphate with hydrogel, bentonite and carbonated coffee waste and the results were compared. These supplements do not stimulate N, P removal, but can simplify the isolation process of struvite crystal and utilization as nutrient resources for agriculture. With struvite crystallization process ammonia and phosphate could be removed 66%, 40%, from the artificial wastewater, respectively. By adding hydrogel, bentonite and carbonate coffee waste it was possible to remove much more, faster and more comfortable. And the complex can be delivered directly to the soil as a nutrient for plant growth. Crystallized struvite in artificial wastewater is absorbed in variable bentonite and hydrogel materials and then, immobilized with microbial cells from EM solution. Many kinds of EM products also have been used in agriculture for healthy soil. In this study a different type of soil conditioner have been developed in terms of a sustainable fertilizer and treatment of a wastewater as ammonia nitrogen and phosphate resources.
Key Words
Artificial wastewater, struvite, coffee waste, hydrogel, bentonite
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