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DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2016.24.4.21 ,    Vol.24, No.4, 21 ~ 34, 2016
Application of Hydraulic Experiment for Discharge System Design of the Hydraulic Structure
이경기 Gyeong Kee Lee , 최윤영 Yun Young Choi , 최정우 Jeong Woo Choi
For the hydraulic model experiment, hydraulic properties of the existing spillway were reviewed to derive the optimal design solution in the auxiliary spillway to be constructed newly and hydraulic experiments were conducted by dividing the said model experiment into the experiment 1 and the experiment 2. The results for the experiment 1 as a design scheme found that the discharge capacity was fairly good. In addition, in the approach channel, the approach velocity was observed to be within the tolerance; however, it was revealed that it is necessary to make a supplement by changing the shape of the training wall as an eddy current was generated by the training wall. In the spill water, the pressure of the generating portion was analyzed within the allowance. and it was found to be necessary to improve the shape of the control unit as well as the flow incoming from the spillway to the tunnel section to be properly distributed. The result for the experiment 2 as a design scheme showed that the discharge capacity was very good. Additionally, in the approach channel, the approach velocity was found to be within the tolerance and to improve the central peer shape. In addition to that, in the spillway, it was shown that the pressure of the generating portion reaches within the allowance and a single discharge capacity as an auxiliary spillway for a constant discharge (about 4500 ㎥/s) is secured. Further, it was analyzed that the tunnel inflow is secured and the tunnel section secures the water level less than 70% even during PMF. In the experimental results for the design schemes: the experiment 1 and the experiment 2, it was demonstrated that in the experiment 2, unique features of the spillway structure and risky factors affecting the safety due to the tunnel tubing phenonenon were improved.
Key Words
Hydraulic model experiment, Auxiliary spillway, Spillway structure, Risky factors
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