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DOI : ,    Vol.8, No.1, 35 ~ 42, 2000
The Water Quality Effect of Lake on the Change of Outflow - rate at Upper Stream
이춘석Chun Sik Lee,박현건Hyun Geoun Park
This study was regressive assessment on the basic research water quality and analysis data of Chinyang-Lake dependence on upper stream water system of flow-rate. The results of regressive assessment were as followings: 1. Water quality of Chinyang-Lake were exert a bad influence upon because of polluted upper stream to decreased outflow-rate in upper stream water system. 2. Chemical oxygen demand(COD_(Mn)) of Chinyang-Lake were from 2.0㎎/ℓ to 2.5㎎/ℓ on the total outflow-rate range of upper stream were from 15CMS to 50CMS. This value of chemical oxygen demand were preserved to the average yearly chemical oxygen demand : 0.8㎎/ℓ∼2.5㎎/ℓ. However, A dry season of 15CMS and below to decrease outflow-rate were found out increased chemical oxygen demand of 2.5㎎/ℓ∼3.5㎎/ℓ. 3. Decreased of total outflow-rate were found out increased chemical and biological oxygen demand and then its were bring about increased total nitrogen and phosphorus concentration.
Key Words
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