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DOI : ,    Vol.8, No.1, 29 ~ 35, 2000
The Study on the Coagulation of Algae (1)
이태관Tae Gwan Lee,김정배Jeung Bae Kim
In this study, pre-chlorination and characteristic of algae`s coagulation by turbidities were investigated because of finding the best way to treat algae effectively. Coagulations for Microcystise aeruginosa were not affected by pre-chlorination. However, applied coagulants were increased to remove precursor of DBPs compared with those of coagulation without pre-chlorination. UV_(254) of treated water showed same results after applied coagulants were 3㎎-Al/L, so we could assume that treatment of organic matters were not affected by turidities of rawwater.
Key Words
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