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DOI : ,    Vol.3, No.1, 61 ~ 74, 1995
Articles / The Characteristics of Rapid Filtration Process connected With Activated Sludge System for Wastewater Reuse
강용태Yong Tae Kang,김정현Jeong Hyun Kim,이기동Gi Dong Lee
This research was conducted to find out optimum operating conditions of the rapid filtration process such as flow late, filtration time and backwashing condition for the reuse of secondary treated wastewater by using the pilot plant installed in real wastewater treatment plant. We have conducted an experiment on the effective removal rate of the treated water by adding coagulant to the aeration tank. When the filtration velocity is 100m/day, the filtration time of the rapid filter connected with activated sludge system is 40 hrs. Backwashing of filter is done with water and air. The optimum backwashing time and flow rate are 10 min, 10 LPM, respectively. The quantity of backwashing water of the rapid filter is about 2% of the total treated water.
Key Words
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