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DOI : ,    Vol.3, No.1, 35 ~ 44, 1995
Articles / A study on Coagulation Mechanism and Organic Removal with pH
김상구Sang Goo Kim
Coagulant dose rate is very variable with raw water quality. Especially, Water containing plenty of dissolved organic material requires large coagulant consumption because of increasing negative charge on its surface. When aluminium coagulant is used the charge potential of aluminium has ranges of +4∼-1 with pH values. Admirable pH value for better removal of KMnO₄ consumption, TOC, THMFP and UV-254㎚ in Nakdong river water is about 5.2. The pH adjusted water as 5.2 increased the filter headloss more rapidly than pH unadjusted water as 7.1.
Key Words
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