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DOI : ,    Vol.3, No.1, 25 ~ 35, 1995
Articles / Adsorption of fungicide chlorothalonil by black volcanic ash soil in Cheju Island
현해남Hae Nam Hyun
This study was conducted to investigate the adsorption characteristics of chlorothalonil(tetrachloroisophthalonitrile) for black volcanic ash soil and dark brown nonvolcanic soil in Cheju Island. Linear and Freundlich adsorption isotherms were best to fit the adsorption of chlorothalonil for Namwon and Mureung soils sampled from black volcanic ash soil and dark brown nonvolcanic soils, respectively. K values, Freundlich coefficient, of chlorothalonil for Namwon soil was 239.88, being 13.1 times higher than that for Mureung soil. Adsorption isotherm for Namwon soil was L-shaped isotherm which the solid has a high affinity for the solute but that for Mureung soil was not. Black volcanic ash soils have higher pH(NaF), organic carbon content, and cation exchange capacity compared to dark brown nonvolcanic soils. Average distribution coefficient of chlorothalonil for black volcanic ash soils was 98.7, being 4.3 times higher than that for dark brown nonvolcanic soils.
Key Words
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