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Vol.8  No.4  2000

A Study on the Effect of Mixing coagulants to Coagulation Efficiency 
정호진Ho Jin Chung,김창균Chang Kyun Kim
KAYW 8(4) 9-15, 2000   
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Application of Artificial Neural Network for Prediction of Water Quality in Water Supply Systems 
김주환Ju Hwan Kim
KAYW 8(4) 17-27, 2000   
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Livestock Wastewater Treatment by Electrolysis 
진은정Eun Jung Jin,길대수Dae Soo Gil,이창근Chang Gun Lee,이병헌Byun Hun Lee
KAYW 8(4) 29-36, 2000   
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A Study on Kinetic Analyses of High - rate Anaerobic Granular Sludge ( HAGS ) Reactor 
최정우Jeung Woo Choi,현길수Kil Soo Hyun
KAYW 8(4) 37-45, 2000   
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A Study on the Optimized Operation Conditions for Raising the Efficiency of Nitrogen Removal in Night Soil Treatment Using Bacillus sp. 
이용두Yong Doo Lee
KAYW 8(4) 47-56, 2000   
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Forecasting of T - N , T - P Concentration in River Water using Multi - layer percept theory 
박상천Sung Chun Park,표영평Young Pyoung Pyo
KAYW 8(4) 57-66, 2000   
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Full - Scale Recycling of Backwash Water from Sand Filters Using Dead - End Membrane Filtration 
R . J . N . Willemse , T . Brekvoort
KAYW 8(4) 67-70, 2000   
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The Characteristics of Ammonia Removal by Addition of Phosphorus in BAC 
강용태Yong Tae Kang,양희천Hee Chun Yang
KAYW 8(4) 3-8, 2000   
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