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Vol.28  No.3  2020

Application of Fluorescence Excitation-emission Matrix Spectroscopy Coupled with Parallel Factor Analysis (FEEM/PARAFAC) to Monitor Organic Matter Removal in Drinking Water Treatment 
남숙현 Sookhyun Nam , 이주원 Juwon Lee , 김은주 Eunju Kim , 구재욱 Jaewuk Koo , 황태문 Tae-mun Hwang
KAYW 28(3) 3-11, 2020    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2020.28.3.3
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Performance of GAC/MF System for Treatment of Lake Water with Organic and Turbid Matter Levels 
김지연 Ji-yeon Kim , 현길수 Kil-soo Hyun
KAYW 28(3) 13-22, 2020    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2020.28.3.13
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Optimization of Phase-Conversion Method Using Full Factorial Design for the Synthesis of Polysulfone Membranes for Humic Acid Removal 
홍승희 Seung-hee Hong , 박성직 Seong-jik Park
KAYW 28(3) 23-30, 2020    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2020.28.3.23
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Effects of Boron Doped Diamond and Iridium Electrodes on the Removal of Contaminants in landfill leachate 
박미정 Mi-jung Park , 이택순 Taek-soon Lee
KAYW 28(3) 31-38, 2020    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2020.28.3.31
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Microplastics Behaviour in Treated Waters by Real Biological Nutrient Removal Systems 
정훈섭 Hoon-sup Jung , 현길수 Kil-soo Hyun
KAYW 28(3) 39-46, 2020    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2020.28.3.39
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Comparison of Water Quality between River Water and Treated Water from WWTPs as a Tool for Assessing River Quality 
Heri Nurohman , 이태관 Tae-gwan Lee , 권혁준 Hyuk-jun Kwon
KAYW 28(3) 47-57, 2020    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2020.28.3.47
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