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Vol.23  No.1  2015

Research Papers : A Study on the Formation of Free Residual Chlorine by Electrolysis Reaction for Drinking Water Treatment 
문백수 Bag Sou Moon , 황태문 Tae Mun Hwang
KAYW 23(1) 3-12, 2015    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2015.23.1.3
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Research Papers : Estimation of Water Consumption and Usage Pattern in Planned New Town 
송창근 Chang Geun Song , 조형근 Hyoung Geun Jo , 최진탁 Jin Tak Choi , 김주원 Joo Won Kim
KAYW 23(1) 13-21, 2015    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2015.23.1.13
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Research Papers : Development of Non-Point Pollutants Removal Equipments using Media with Bacillus sp 
이한슬 Han Seul Lee , 김진수 Jin Soo Kim , 신총수 Chong Soo Shin , 심상보 , 김달우 , 강민구 Min Koo Kang , 이상일 Sang Ill Lee
KAYW 23(1) 23-34, 2015    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2015.23.1.23
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Research Papers : Determination of 2-Methylisoborneol and Geosmin in Water by Headspace Solid-phase Microextraction and GC/MS 
최윤정 Yun Jeong Choi , 남숙현 Sook Hyun Nam , 황태문 Tae Mun Hwang , 오현재 Hyun Je Oh , 문잭수 Bag Sou Moon
KAYW 23(1) 35-43, 2015    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2015.23.1.35
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Research Papers : Effect of Coagulation Condition on the Membrane Fouling of Coagulation-UF Process 
김수현 Su Hyun Kim , 강임석 Lim Seok Kang
KAYW 23(1) 45-54, 2015    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2015.23.1.45
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Research Papers : Nitrification Improvement of Activated Sludge at Low Temperature Using Dewatering Water 
안광호 Kwang Ho Ahn , 김광수 Kwang Soo Kim , 김이태 I Tae Kim
KAYW 23(1) 55-62, 2015    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2015.23.1.55
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Research Papers : Investigation on Linked Treatment Operation Effect of Element Technology for Reduction of Non-point Pollution Source 
김화중 Wha Jung Kim , 박준석 Jun Seok Park , 서대석 Dae Seuk Seo , 김봉균 Bong Kyun Kim , 이준헌 Joon Heon Lee , 장준영 Jun Young Chang , 오종민 Jong Min Oh
KAYW 23(1) 63-74, 2015    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2015.23.1.63
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Research Papers : Effects of Biocatalytic Media for Nutrient Removal in Wetland Using Water Plant 
안태웅 Tea Woong Ann , Prabuddha Gupta , 최철호 Chul Ho Choi , 이승목 Seung Mok Lee
KAYW 23(1) 75-81, 2015    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2015.23.1.75
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Research Papers : Study on Water Quality Purification of Subsurface-Flow Wetland using Biological Aerated Filtration 
이준헌 Joon Heon Lee , 최형주 Hyung Joo Choi , 최동호 Dong Ho Choi , 서대석 Dae Seuk Seo , 박준석 Jun Seok Park , 오종민 Jong Min Oh
KAYW 23(1) 83-95, 2015    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2015.23.1.83
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Research Papers : Effective Improvement of Efficiency and Resistance of Membrane Filtration in Membrane Bioreactor 
이형옥 Hyeong Ok Lee , 현길수 Kil Soo Hyun
KAYW 23(1) 97-103, 2015    DOI : 10.17640/KSWST.2015.23.1.97
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