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Vol.22  No.3  2014

Effect of Organic Loading Rate(OLR) and SRT on Hydrogen Production in Continuous Operation Anaerobic Bioreactor 
성성진 Seong Jin Jeong , 이택순 Taek Soon Lee , 서규태 Gyu Tae Seo
KAYW 22(3) 3-12, 2014   
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A Correlation between the Algal Growth and Water Quality Factors Depended on Algae Growth Stages in Lake Juam 
이태관 Tae Gwan Lee
KAYW 22(3) 13-20, 2014   
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Effect of UASB HRT on the Removal of Organic Material in Anaerobic Sewage Treatment Processes 
전동걸 Dong Jie Tian , 임현숙 Hyun Suk Lim , 이봉규 Bong Gyu Lee , 임병서 Byung Seo Lim , 전항배 Hang Bae Jun
KAYW 22(3) 21-29, 2014   
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Assessment of Membrane Pore Size Influence for Secondary Treatment of Effluent Water in Drinking Water Treatment Plant 
유영범 Young Beom Yu , 안효원 Hyo Won Ahn , 문경훈 Kyung Hoon Moon , 권순범 Soon Buhm Kwon
KAYW 22(3) 31-37, 2014   
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Nutrient Removal in the Kimchi Wastewater using Marin Microalgae 
최희정 Hee Jeong Choi
KAYW 22(3) 39-47, 2014   
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Tertiary Treatment of Municipal Wastewater using Hybrid Biofilter with Natural Mineral Media 
정종태 Jong Tai Jung , 조용현 Yong Hyun Cho , 한상윤 Sang Yun Han
KAYW 22(3) 49-55, 2014   
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A Study on the Correlation of Water Quality and Trend of Water Quality Variations in Osan-cheon Water System 
이태관 Tae Gwan Lee
KAYW 22(3) 57-65, 2014   
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Trophic State Evaluation and Pretreatment of Lake Water with Fluctuating Runoff from Nonpoint Source 
김지연 Ji Yeon Kim , 이형옥 Hyeong Ok Lee , 현길수 Kil Soo Hyun
KAYW 22(3) 67-74, 2014   
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Runoff Characteristics of Road Non-point Pollutants Using Statistical Techniques in Korea 
김석구 Seog Ku Kim
KAYW 22(3) 75-85, 2014   
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