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Research and Publocation Ethics regulations

Article 1 Purpose

This provision purposes Research ethics and integrity establishing for society by selecting standard of research misconduct, disciplinary, etc based on research performance related on society and contribution, publication of thesis to journal of Korea Society of Water Science and Technology

Article 2 Research Ethics Committee

The members of the Ethics Committee are appointed total five people by president of the society, including vice president of academician or chief editor, experts related the fields. The president of the society have to convene, preside the esearch Ethics Committee Through vice president of academician.

Article 3 Ethics regulations of thesis distributior

  • One. Prohibition on redundant publication
    The thesis of the society's journal that published Domestic and foreign journals can not insert again. redundant publication depends on Distinction between existing thesis. propose of research, method, range, data, result, development of logic method and etc. judge at least two items based on distinction between existing thesis.
  • Two. Counterfeit modulation prohibited
    Forgery or alteration cover the act that intentionally represent from the truth diffrently and not to be created by the false research results and data that does not exist(prohibition on forgery), Do not distort the results and research. artificially the process of research, express truth and the act of intentionally of data used in the study and the numerical results, photos, and other words of truth and the act of intentionally covering, and non-existent data or falsify results and should not create a (forged prohibited), the research process artificially and arbitrarily manipulate or transform data. delete content or results of the study should not be distorted. (modulation prohibited)
  • Three. Prohibit plagiarism
    Bureau. Outside literature (Journal, published conference papers, research reports, theses, books, magazines), or transcribed in any medium, including via the Internet already published scientific ideas, opinion, expression, information, research sources, such as written technology should not be without.

Article 4 Decision of research misconduct

In the event of reporting of research misconduct, the editorial committee collects related data to verify the reliability of the report and submit it to the ethics committee. The chairman of the ethics committee shall provide the researchers with the opportunity to call in writing in advance, and convene the research ethics committee based on the explanatory materials. The Research Ethics Committee shall determine whether or not it committed research irregularities by agreeing to two-thirds of the committee members and the majority vote of the attending members, and shall report the results to the president of Society. The president of the Society shall inform the researchers of the decision made by the Research Ethics Committee.

Article 5 Objection

If the researcher who is considered to be involved in research misconduct is not agreement with the decision and the reasons made by the ethics committee, the researcher can make only one objection within a month from the notification date in documents. The chair of the ethics committee immediately evaluates validity of the objection and confirms the decision again. The case undergoes re-deliberation within 2 weeks and the result is notified to the president of the Society. The president of the Society notifies the decision from the research ethics committee and the reasons regarding re-deliberation to the relevant researcher of the reported case.

Article 6 Of the Code of Ethics Jury paper

The judges of the Editorial Board of this Association is to contribute papers commissioned within the period set by the examination regulations accurate, fair and in good faith should be evaluated, and thoroughly audited, keep the secret about the paper, assessment and evaluation of the results generated with respect to matters must be notified of the editorial board.

Article 7 Confidentiality

The identity of the person who tipped off the information about the research scandal should not be revealed to the public. The identity of such researcher shall not be disclosed outside the research fraud zone or when such research misconduct is not judged to have been final.

Article 8 Follow-up Actions and management for Misconduct of Research Ethics Policy

The research result of the member whose discipline is decided will be removed from the journal or conference materials or internet web site. Discipline will be restriction of submission for 3 years, suspension of the member qualification, or removal. Institute where the disciplined one belongs will be noticed or the actions of oneself will be announced on the academic journal for prevention of identical matters.

Article 9 Fermentation

These regulations are effective from 1 December 2017