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DOI : ,    Vol.3, No.1, 15 ~ 24, 1995
Articles / A Comparison Study on the Membrance Fouling Control between Pulsating Feed and Air Bubbling Method
김형수Hyung Soo Kim,등전현이Kenji Fujita,안규홍Kyu Hong Ahn,송경근Kyung Guen Song
A study has been conducted to investigate the efficiency of fouling control on the membrane surface. Generally used two methods, pulsating feed and air bubbling methods which enhance turbulence on the membrane surface, were selected. Hydrophilic hollow fiber polyethylene membrane with pore size of 0.1㎛ and its surface area of 0.42㎡ was used. Dead-end filtration method was selected to obtain high efficiency of energy. Three different quality of raw water were applied to the experiment to study the efficiency of reducing fouling. They were : tap water with kaoline, tap water with PAC and tap water added kaoline with PAC. The results showed that both methods were effective to remove turbidity formed by kaoline. Both methods were also effective for reducing organic contaminants in tap water with PAC. However, pulsating feed method was found to form foulings rapidly with PAC added kaoline water, while air bubbling method was not. In this study, the method using periodical air bubbling appears to be useful to reduce membrane fouling in tong term operation.
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