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Vol.7  No.4  1999

Operating Improvement of Biological Activated Carbon Bed for High - Rate Microcontaminants Removal from Filtrated Water of Rapid Sand Filter 
강용태Yong Tae Kang,현길수Kil Soo Hyun
KAYW 7(4) 3-11, 1999   
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A Study on Simultaneous Organic and Nutrient Removal by Membrane Bioreactor for Domestic Wastewater Treatment 
이준호Jun Ho Lee,이택순Taek Soon Lee,서규태Gyu Tae Seo,문병현Byung Hyun Moon
KAYW 7(4) 13-22, 1999   
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Removal of Phenol Compounds by Clay Adsorbents 
김정배Jeung Bae Kim,이태관Tae Gwan Lee
KAYW 7(4) 23-29, 1999   
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Evaluating the Application of Enhanced Coagulation in Water Treatment Plants 
김정현Jeong Hyun Kim
KAYW 7(4) 31-41, 1999   
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The Characteristics of Wastewater Treatment and Application of Chemical Upgrading in D Wastewater Treatment Plant 
황갑수Gap Soo Hwang
KAYW 7(4) 43-54, 1999   
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The bioregeneration of the BAC by denitrification 
김덕진Duk Jin Kim
KAYW 7(4) 55-62, 1999   
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Retrofitting of Intermittent Decanted Extended Aeration ( IDEA ) Plant for Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal 
Rovert W . Chong
KAYW 7(4) 63-66, 1999   
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