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Korean Society of Water Science and Technology (KSWST) is an academic journal in the discipline of water quality, water resource, water and wastewater treatment and technologies.
The journal publishes articles spanning a diverse range of fields that include theoretical and empirical research activities on water treatment, water quality and water resources management, water and sewage facilities, and waste disposal.
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Vol.29  No.3  2021

Long Term Evaluation of River Water Quality Improvement by Eco-friendly Water Treatment Technology 
한소정 Han So Jeong , 김병군 Kim Byung Goon , 김동섭 Kim Dong Sup , 강석형 Kang Suk Hyung , 이선주 Lee Sun Ju , 유혜원 Yu Hye Weon , 조유진 Jo Yu Jin , 김홍석 Kim Hong Suck
JEWNR 29(3) 3-14, 2021    
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Recent Advances in Bio-media Process for Biological Nitrogen Removal-A Review 
제스민아터 Jesmin Akter , 이재엽 Jaiyeop Lee , 김일호 Ilho Kim
JEWNR 29(3) 15-25, 2021    
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Characteristics of MBR Operating Conditions for Enhancing the Filtration Performance of MBR Process 
정훈섭 Hoon-sup Jung , 송인수 In-soo Song , 현길수 Kil-soo Hyun
JEWNR 29(3) 27-33, 2021    
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Operation Characteristics of the Hybrid-type Microbubble Generator using a Pressure Pump and an Air Saturation Tank 
김원재 Weon-jae Kim
JEWNR 29(3) 35-48, 2021    
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Performance Evaluation of Sand Filter as a Pretreatment of Membrane Filtration Process 
김지연 Ji-yeon Kim , 현길수 Kil-soo Hyun
JEWNR 29(3) 49-56, 2021    
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