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Korean Society of Water Science and Technology (KSWST) is an academic journal in the discipline of water quality, water resource, water and wastewater treatment and technologies.
The journal publishes articles spanning a diverse range of fields that include theoretical and empirical research activities on water treatment, water quality and water resources management, water and sewage facilities, and waste disposal.
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Vol.29  No.4  2021

Formation of Total Residual Bromine and Disinfection Efficacy Resulting of Seawater Ozonation 
황태문 Tae-mun Hwang , 이광희 Kwanghee Lee , 김유곤 Yoogon Kim , 정유미 Youme Jung , 윤여준 Yeojoon Yoon
JEWNR 29(4) 3-10, 2021    
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Sensory Quality Analysis of Water Produced by Nano Filtration Followed by Difference of Hardness as CaCO3 for Alcoholic Beverages 
김재범 Jae Bum Kim , 박성혁 Sung Hyuk Park
JEWNR 29(4) 11-19, 2021    
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A Study on the Effect of Diffuser Installation Location on the Dissolved Oxygen in an Aeration Tank 
나경주 Kyeong-ju Na , 박혜윤 Hye-yun Park , 이채영 Chaeyoung Lee
JEWNR 29(4) 21-28, 2021    
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The Influence of Temperature on the Precipitating Treatment of Wastewater Containing Cobalt Ions 
송혜원 Hyewon Song , 김동수 Dong-su Kim
JEWNR 29(4) 29-35, 2021    
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Influence of Acidogenic Fermented Spent Coffee Ground for Biogas Production in Anaerobic Co-digestion 
최희정 Hee-jeong Choi
JEWNR 29(4) 37-45, 2021    
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Water Quality Improvement Effect of Yeongsan River in Non-Flooding Season using Detention Reservoir 
김정수 Jeong Soo Kim , 박성천 Sung Chun Park , 박수호 Soo Ho Park , 이우범 Woo Bum Lee
JEWNR 29(4) 47-59, 2021    
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The Characteristics of Water Leak Detection Signal using LTE-M1 Sensor 
오병근 Oh Byoung Geun
JEWNR 29(4) 61-68, 2021    
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